Penetration Testing and Network Security


 Perform an independent security assessment/penetration test in order to: 

  1. Identify weaknesses which could allow an attacker to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of the systems in scope.
  2. Evidence the use of security best practice.
  3. Scoring of findings by deemed technical severity, so that risk level can be quantified and remediation efforts can be prioritised and adequate expenditure is provided.
  4. Provide snapshot of current the security state. USL will combine the use of sophisticated up-to-date techniques used by hackers with the best technical products to ensure a thoroughly planned and managed process of investigation of the environment. USL will analyse the weaknesses detected, evaluate the impact and probability of exploitation associated with each security weakness, formulate corrective actions, and provide recommendations for mitigating the risks associated with the vulnerability. USL will once we have produced your report and you have accepted it dispose of any created raw data and information using CREST and Tiger Scheme approved procedures. 

 These elements will be performed from a black box perspective. In the case of the network infrastructure, testing will be conducted over the internet and emulate the position of an external attacker with no prior knowledge of the network. For the phishing test, OSINT techniques will be used to identify suitable emails for the campaign. network security penetration testing information security