Cloud Services


Cloud computing is now a real time alternative to the traditional network infrastructure of servers and workstations. New technology now makes The ‘Cloud’ a viable asset for even the smallest of companies.

The ‘Cloud’ in real terms has been around a lot longer than you may think as it is identical to data centres of the past which was housing your own equipment was very expensive and required high capacity data lines, such as leased lines, which again was very expensive. Therefore only the larger companies used to use this form of infrastructure.


With today’s the much improved, affordable communications, we are now able to use the the internet to transfer data from the data centre to the business premises. This coupled with companies now offering the rental of servers, you can now build and expand a network based on requirement, with the ability to upgrade performance and storage as and when. 



The most appealing advantage of ‘Cloud’ Computing is there is no capital outlay.
Therefore a company can set-up an efficient modern network with no major up front costs.

Cloud computing can also assist in telephony with the introduction of  VOIP. Consider a multi site company with the investment of one telephone system and extensions throughout the branches with no call costs.

There is a lot more to ‘cloud’ computing than you may think. Please feel free to call us for a demonstration how we can create you a state of the art data and voice network for a minimal outlay and ongoing cost savings.