Cloud Jnstallation

Advanced Computer System installed Cloud Mail, Cloud Backup and AVG Cloud Care Anti Virus for a client thus weekend.

Weeken work is the normal for ACS to prevent any disruption to the business.

All services are now secured in the cloud with SLA agreements with the providers.

Project  delivered on time and within budget.

Meraki Installation

Advanced Computer Systems have just completed a project with the installation of Meraki hardware to unify a multi site operation.

3 sites are now connected with seamless VPN connectivity, giving centralised control of the computer network.

Shawn’s Mobile

Shawn Baldock has had issues with his mobile and is now on a temporary number 07763873358. His number should be reinstated within the next 2 days. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Free Spam Filter for one month !

Take advantage of ACS trial Spam filtering servcie for one month. No commitment on your part, and easy setup.

Inform ACS of the domain name you want to protect, we will setup an account for you and all you need to do is change you MX Records to Or if you would like us to help just ask.

No catch, no credit card details just an honest free trial.

E Mail to make your request.

IP address does not constitute a person, US judge rules in copyright suit

A Florida judge has ruled that a copyright holder may not sue a person because their computer was used to illegally download content. It’s the latest in a series of decisions making it more difficult for so-called copyright trolls to sue alleged pirates.

When a copyright holder – whether it be Warner Bros., Interscope records, or another media company – tries to file suit against internet users who downloaded their content without paying, they generally identify that user with their computer’s IP address. That method of using an IP as the computer’s fingerprint has been a reliable legal method since piracy became commonplace over 10 years ago.

Yet judges have become more familiar with the intricacies of piracy as time has gone on, with a number of recent rulings deciding that an IP address alone is not enough to determine whether someone downloaded something illegally. Florida District Court Judge Ursula Ungaro has become the latest to fall on that side of the issue.

About Internet and E-Mail in the workplace

We receive a lot of enquiries about the use of the Internet and e-mail. Listed below are the more common misperceptions in a question and answer format.. Remember, ACS expressly forbids the inappropriate use of electronic systems and employees who fail to comply will be subject to disciplinary procedures which may, in serious cases, lead to dismissal.
Q)  My employer doesn’t have the right to read my private e-mails.

A) Employers generally have the right to read ALL e-mails sent or received on their systems. Unless it is specifically stated in your contract of employment/staff handbook that you have the right to e-mail privacy, you can assume your employer has the right to read everything.


Q) I’m allowed to send and receive private e-mails and surf the net at work.?

A) You can only do this with your employers consent. Some employers specifically forbid the use of their email systems to send or receive private e-mails and forbit internet access for anything other than work related matters. Check you contract of employment/staff handbook for the rules.


Q) My employer lets me send private e-mails and surf the net so I can do this as often as I like.

A) Most good employers will let you make “reasonable” use of their e-mail and internet systems but this doesn’t mean unlimited use and the employer will define what is “reasonable.”


 Q) If I delete a private e-mail my employer can’t read it neither can they find out which websites I have visited.

A) All employers have the technical means of recovering deleted e-mails and of tracking which internet sites you have visited. It may not be on your screen but it exists in the system: just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean your employer can’t get at it.


Q) It’s not a disciplinary offence to pass on jokes via the e-mail or to pass on amusing internet sites to my colleagues.

A) It can well be a serious disciplinary offence; it will depend on the nature of the joke and the nature of the web site. You may think it funny but if the recipient, your employer or anybody who reads the e-mail or sees the site is offended, you could be faced with dismissal. Employers have a legal duty to protect their staff from harassment of any sort including sexual or racial harassment. Passing on offensive jokes or web sites, making sexually explicit comments or insinuations about colleagues or non colleagues can all be classed as harassment and hence gross misconduct.


Q) My employer lets me surf the web so it’s my business what sites I visit.

A) You may be allowed to surf but it’s still your employers system and they have the power to control what sites can and cannot be accessed. Visiting sites containing sexually explicit material or material that your employer or any other members of staff deem offensive can result in your dismissal. In extreme cases it could result in your prosecution.


Q) I should be very careful about how I use e-mail or internet facilities at work

A) Used properly you should have no problems but more and more employers including ACS, are now taking a stricter line on e-mail and internet abuse …take care! If you are unsure ASK

Fully managed 100MB Fibre Internet Connection

Advanced Computer Systems are happy to announce a fully managed 100mb Fibre Internet Connection – With Redundancy.

In the unlikeley event of your main Internet line failing ( Guaranteed 99.5% ) an Etherstream line or ADSL2 will automatically take over.

Promotional costs from as little as £ 1000.00 per month, this service is revolutionary and ideal for companies dependent on the Internet.

Call our sales team now for more information.